How to contribute

We are grateful for all contributions which have made this website possible.

There are many ways in which you can contribute to the German Law Archive, in particular:

You are welcome to contact the of the German Law Archive.


If you have written on German law in English language, you can submit your work for publication in the German Law Archive. We publish in particular short to medium sized articles.

Contributions may have been published elsewhere, and may be published in printed from even after they have been published in the German Law Archive. Contributors are required to grant to the German Law Archive no more than a non-exclusive copyright license. It is the responsibility of contributors to ensure that the publication of the submitted work in the German Law Archive does not violate any copyright of third parties.

Contributions should be submitted in HTML format (the standard format used for publishing on the Internet).

Submitted works will go through a review process. Once accepted, they will be published and kept accessible in the German Law Archive for a minimum of two years, and normally for longer.

If you have translated German statutes or court decisions into English, you are welcome to submit those for publication under the same conditions.

Even if you chose not to publish your works in the German Law Archive, you may be interested in letting us know where your work is published, in order for us to include this work in our bibliographies. See below.


If you publish literature on German law in English language, or English translations of German statutes and court decisions, you can support the German Law Archive and at the same time generate interest in your publications by allowing us to reproduce excerpts from these publications. Any publication of such materials in the German Law Archive will give a full reference to work and publisher and, if you wish, a link to your website.


We are in the process of building up bibliographies on literature on German law in English language, and on English translations of German statutes and court decisions. You can help us by bringing to our attention any materials which should be included in these bibliographies. Please include in your reference the full names of authors, editors, translators, etc. In the case of monographs, please also give us the full title, the date and place of publication, the publisher, the number of pages, and the International Sales Book Number (ISBN). For other publications, please also indicate the first and the last page of the work in question.

Internet Users and Webmasters

Please submit links to websites on German law which we have not mentioned in our links page.
If you are a webmaster who wants to place a link to this website, we would also like to hear from you.

Please contact the of the German Law Archive.

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