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We have installed a new search mechanism for the texts published in the German Law Archive. This will look through all the statutes, judgments and articles published in the German Law Archive, as well as our two text based bibliographies. It will, however, not search our database. The database has its own search mechanism, which allows you to search more specifically e.g. for the name of a certain author.

Generally, you can take it for granted that anything published on this websites will relate to German law, so that "German" and "law" are not helpful search terms.

Please keep in mind that there are three different bibliographies on this website. It may well be worth looking at all of them.

Found something relevant, but cannot retrieve it?

Please keep in mind that the German Law Archive publishes both texts and bibliographies.

Texts. You should be able to retrieve and read on your screen all the statutes, judgments and literature which we publish. If you find a dead link, please report it.

Bibliographies.  Some users have complained that they cannot retrieve or read the publications which we list in our bibliographies. The reason for this is quite simple. Presently, more than 99% of what is published on German law is not available on-line, but accessible only in printed form, i.e. in books, journals, case reporters, etc. Our bibliographies aim to collect and provide references to all this information. If you find something useful in any of our bibliographies, you will have probably have to go to a library in order to read the text to which the bibliography refers.

Still cannot find what you are looking for?

1. Rather than using search functions, try browsing. Start at the homepage and work your way systematically through the  statutes, judgments and literature which we publish. Or go to the database and work your way through the classification. Or try this particularly useful combination of search and browse: Go to the database and search the classification for a key word. You will then get a list of all parts of the classification which contain this word, and can follow the links from there.

2. We may not have what you are looking for. Sorry about this. You may want to use our discussion forum. Perhaps another user can help you. Or you can look at our links section and try your luck with another website.

3. You are involved in a case which relates to German law. Using the German Law Archive may help you to find answers to your legal questions. However, please be aware that most cases involve complex legal problems, and it may take a trained German lawyer even to find out what precisely your problem is. You may be better of seeking professional help and advice.

4. You are a student and have to write a paper or thesis relating to German law. You should be able to find at least some references to literature which you then should try to obtain at or through the library of your educational institution. We are happy if we can facilitate your work. But please do not expect or ask us to do your reasearch for you.

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