Bibliography of German Statutes in English Translation - Index

This bibliography has been compiled by Jörg Henning for the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government of Germany and is published in the German Law Archive with kind permission.

Before you browse this bibliography for the first time, we suggest that you make yourself familiar with its approach by following these links to a short introduction and to notes on how to use this bibliography.

Please note that the classification for this bibliography is the one used by the Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette, the Official Journal). Accordingly, this bibliography is divided into the following parts (translation and cross-referencing by Gerhard Dannemann):

Part 1: Constitutional Law

10 Constitutional law in general
11 Constitutional organs and institutions
12 Protection of the constitution (Verfassungsschutz)
13 Protection of borders (Bundesgrenzschutz)
18 Implementation of international and bilateral treaties
19 Miscellaneous constitutional acts under the Basic Law

Part 2: Administrative Law

20 Administration in general
21 Specific branches of administration
        2129 Protection of the environment
            see also: 79 Nature protection act
22 Cultural matters
    225 Press, broadcasting, film
25 Compensation for nationalsocialist wrongdoing, rectification of GDR wrongdoing
26 Immigration law
27 Foreign Office

Part 3: Administration of Justice

30 Constitution of courts. The legal professions
31 Civil and criminal procedure
34 Administrative courts: constitution and procedure

Part 4: Civil Law and Criminal Law

40 Private law
41 Commercial law
42 Intellectual property law (excluding copyright)
43 Unfair trade practice
    see also 70 Business regulation in general and cartel law
44 Copyright
45 Criminal law

Part 5: Defence

Part 6: Tax and Fiscal Law

61 Taxes and levies
63 Federal budget and audit

Part 7: Business Regulation

70 Business regulation in general and cartel law
    see also: 43 Unfair trade practice
71 Regulation of trades
74 Foreign trade
75 Mining, energy, water
76 Money, banking, insurance
78 Agriculture and food production
79 Nature protection act
    see also: 2129 Protection of the environment

Part 8: Labour Law and Social Legislation

80 Labour Law and Protection of Workforce
82 Social Insurance
85 Child Benefit
86 Social Code
87 Integration of  Disabled

Part 9: Post, Telecommunication, Road Traffic

90 Post and telecommunication
92 Road traffic
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