German Law in English 
A select bibliography

This bibliography was compiled by Klaus Radke and Axel Tiemann (1st edition 1987) and updated by Gereon Thiele, Nikolaus Herrmann and Gerhard Dannemann (2nd edition 1993). Both editions were published by the  German Academic Exchange Service, but have been out of print for some time.

It is intended that this bibliography will be replaced, and updates published on this website, in a joint project between the German Academic Exchange Service and the German Law Archive.


A. Bibliographies

B.  Titles

    1. Law in general

    2. Comparative law. Unification of law

    3. Legal philosophy. Jurisprudence

    4. Sociology of law

    5. Roman law

    6. Legal and constitutional history

    7. Modern legal and constitutional history

    8. History of private law

    9. Private law in general

   10. General Part of the Civil Code

   11. Law of obligations

   12. Law of property

   13. Family law

   14. Law of succession

   14a Medical law

   15. Private international law. Conflict of laws

   16. Commercial law in general

   17. Business organizations (corporations, commercial)
   18. Banking. Stock exchange. Negotiable instruments

   19. Private insurance

   20. Industrial property in general

   21. Patents and intellectual rights (inventions)

   22. Trademarks and designs (business names)

   23. Copyright law and law relating to publishing

   23a Computer law

   24. Media law

   25. Unfair competition

   26. Antitrust law

   27. National and international trade and business

   28. Energy. Mining. Water and watercourses

   29. Agriculture. Agricultural property including succession

   30. Traffic and transport. Maritime law

   31. Data protection. Legal information science

   32. Administration of justice. Judicial organisation

   33. Civil procedure

   34. Execution of judgments. Bankruptcy. Settlement with creditors

   35. Arbitration

   36. Non-contentious procedure. Land registration. Civil status registration

   37. Labour law in general

   38. Protection of employees

   39. Collective bargaining

   40. Works Council. Co-determination of labour

   41. Labour courts

   42. Social law

   43. Criminal law

   44. Criminal procedure

   45. Penology

   46. Criminology

   47. Public law in general. General theory of  the state

   48. Constitutional law

   49. Civil and human rights

   50. Parliaments. Political parties. Elections

   51. Nationality. Aliens

   52. Constitutional courts

   53. Administrative law in general

   54. Public administration

   55. Administrative ad judication

   56. Local government and administration

   57. Civil service

   58. Police. Public order

   59. City and regional planning. Building law. Highways and roads

   60. Environmental law. Wildlife protection. Game law

   61. Tax and customs law

   62. Adjudication of tax matters

   63. Public international law. Relations with GDR. Berlin

   63a German Reunification

   64. European Communities

   65. Ecclesiastical law

   66. Professional law for attorneys


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